When Can You Apply for A QHP (Qualified Health Plan) either on the Healthcare Exchange or off the Exchange?

Open Enrollment for is 2023 – Nov. 1st – Dec. 15th 2022.

Every year Annual Enrollment runs from November 1st through December 15th for an effective date of January 1st of the following year.

All other dates require a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to enroll. These SEP’s must fall into one of the following categories which are Qualifying Life Events (QLE);

    1. Loss of Employer Health Coverage
    2. Marriage or Divorce
    3. Birth, adoption, foster care or placement for adoption
    4. Gaining U.S. citizenship or qualifying immigration status
    5. A permanent move to a new area that offers different Health Plan options
    6. A change in income or household status that affects eligibility for tax credits or cost-sharing reductions
    7. Loss of other health coverage (due to job loss, loss of eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP, expiration of COBRA coverage, or a health plan being decertified **)
    8. You are enrolled in a non-qualifying employer coverage plan (meaning the plan does not meet minimum QHP requirements)
    9. Enrollment into a QHP was an unintentional error – based on incorrect information from the Health Insurance Marketplace.
    10. The Plan in which a member enrolled substantially violated a provision of the contract
    11. American Indians and Alaskan Natives may enroll in or change QHP’s once a month.

**Voluntarily cancelling other health insurance and being terminated for not paying premiums will not be considered as loss of coverage. Losing a individual plan that does not carry minimum essential coverage during a non-enrollment period will not be considered as loss of coverage.

See list of open enrollment by state.


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