Medicare Supplement Insurance FAQ

How does Medicare work?

Once you reach 65 years old or have certain permanaent disabilities you can enroll to get Medicare coverage. Original Medicare includes Part A (Hospital Coverage) ad Part B (Medical Insurance Coverage). Medicare Part D offers prescription coverage benefits.

Medicare doesn’t pay for all expenses thaat’s whyit’s important to have a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

How do I get Medicare?

Once you reach the required age (65 and up) or are permanently disabled you can enroll in a Medicare through Medicare.gov. Enrollment period is Oct. 15 through Dec. 7

How does Medicare work for people with disabilities?

If you have a permanent disability (both under and over the years 65) and have been disabled for 2 years, you may qualify for Medicare. Medicare for people with qualifying disability will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A & Part B.

What is a Medicare Supplement
Medigap is a Medicare Supplement Plan or Supplemental Plan the is designed to pay the “gaps” the Primary Medicare doesn’t cover. These “gaps” in Medicare can add up to thousands or dollars so it’s important to get a Medicare Supplemental Insurance to pay for:

  • Copayments
  • Coinisurance
  • Deductibles


Why should I buy a Medicare supplement Plan through Allchoice?

Allchoice Insurance is a broker offering excellent service and a wealth of knowledge that will be helpful to you. We offer policies from major companies which best meet your needs rather than the insurance companies. In this manner, we are an advocate for our customers. We are well-trained and keep up with changes to all applicable laws. In addition, we easily accessible 5 days per week. Allchoice also offeres free annual reviews to ensure you are in the best plan possible.

Why shouldn't I just go through the insurance companies rather than an agent like Allchoice?

Medicare supplement plans are fixed by law and will be the same price as ours. Our strength is finding the best plan for your circumstances, answering all of your questions and selecting the plan that pays the most costs while offering the best coverage.

What is the differences between Medigap and Medicare Advantage?

A Medigap plan is a supplemental insurance plan or secondary plan to Medicare. The means once you have enrolled in Medicare (primary) and then a Medigap plan, Medicare pays first and then your Medigap Insurance is billed for the remaining amount due.

Medicare Advantage is an all encompassing plan. So, when you recieve medical care your Advantage plan is billed and they bill Medicare.

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