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California's State bird is the California Valley Quail. It is known for its hardiness and adaptability.

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"Eureka - I have found it" is California's state motto. It refers to the first discovery of gold. Some of the present day legislators are wishing they could say the same to solve their budget problems.

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How ACA (Obamacare) Affects Uninsured Families & Individuals

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The state has the only guarantee issue California Health Insurance policies for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions that prevent them from being insured with other California Health Insurance Companies. The State of California requires you to be a resident of California for a minimum of 90 days prior to applying. This program, called Medi-Cal, is also available for low income individuals. They can also be reached at 1-800-289-6574. There is a three (3) month waiting period before pre-existing medical conditions are covered. There may be a 12 to 18 month waiting list before you are able to enroll in the program. The coverage is limited and only covers catastrophic situations and cannot be considered to be a full benefit health insurance program.

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Why Should You Buy California Health Insurance?

The cost of health care will continue to rise drastically over the near future. If you do not have California Health Insurance to help pay bills, a serious injury or illness can be financially devastating to you and your family.  The most recent studies on bankruptcy show that approximately 50% of all personal bankruptcies are due to serious illness.  Even if you are ill for only three to six months the bills for California health care can total from $30,000 to $200,000 and much more in some cases. If you don't have California health insurance coverage you can be exposed to high health care bills; or, if you have too little or the wrong kind of coverage, you won't have enough protection. Add this to the bills you were unable to pay while unemployed and it is easy to see how bankruptcy occurs.

What To Ask When Buying California Health Insurance

How can you Avoid Fraudulent California Health Insurance Plans